Mother accused of stabbing 3-year-old son makes court appearance

Mother accused of stabbing 3-year-old son makes court appearance

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The 26-year-old woman accused of trying to kill her three-year-old son had an initial court appearance on Monday morning.

Nomatter Gava-Hudson appeared before Justice Court Judge Brandon Ladner at the courtroom inside the Harrison County Adult Detention Center.

The defendant wore a red and white striped jail jumpsuit and leg shackles. She was called before the judge at 10:00 am for a hearing that lasted just eight minutes.

Gava-Hudson was sobbing softly as she stood before the judge, answering some questions from the court clerk.  She was asked whether she owned a home or car, whether she was married and whether she had a job.

It was a question about family that caused her to become more emotional. When asked if she had any children, the defendant could be heard sobbing loudly and replying that she had a three year old son.

That child is the victim in this case. The boy was allegedly stabbed several times by Gava-Hudson during an argument between her and her husband at Gulfport's Jones Park one week ago.

A witness heard the couple arguing and then became a Good Samaritan when he helped tend to the badly injured boy. The child was later flown to a hospital in Mobile, and is reportedly doing well now.

Judge Ladner read the formal charge to Gava-Hudson, attempted murder, and then informed her of her right to remain silent and her right to an attorney.

The judge said she was still being held on a one million dollar bond.  He also said he would assign a public defender to represent her at future proceedings.

Near the end of the brief hearing, Gava-Hudson asked the judge if she could contact a private attorney about possibly representing her. He said that was certainly her right, but he would appoint a public defender for now.

The next legal proceeding will be a preliminary hearing, where the prosecutor will detail what evidence exists to support the charge of attempted murder.

Judge Ladner told Gava-Hudson the preliminary hearing will be held in the next three to four weeks.

Eight minutes after the hearing began, a deputy put handcuffs back on the defendant and led her out of the courtroom, back to the adult detention center, where she's been held on suicide watch.

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