Bay is good to Cruisin' and Cruisin' is good for Bay business

Bay is good to Cruisin' and Cruisin' is good for Bay business

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Bay St. Louis may have been a good Cruisin' the Coast venue, but Cruisin' has also been good for business.

Jane Alford, owner of Bay-Tique, said this year sets the bar high.

"Last Monday was kind of like a Saturday for us," she said. "And then yesterday, today, it's been phenomenal. I think it's better this year than I've ever seen it before."

The business has been so busy at Serious Bread, that owner Vivian Jenson hasn't been able to enjoy the best part of the job.

"Today is so busy here that I haven't got my customer fix yet," she said. "(I've been) running to the bank to get more money to get more money than we expected we needed."

It was filled at BayLife.

"As you can see, it's a pretty full house right now," said owner Janice Guido. "We're having a great time. We're love Cruisin'. It's a great event. It's very important to us. Many of us feel like it's as big as the holiday shopping."

Cruisin' brought Brenda Bertucci from New Orleans.

"Just every restaurant here is wonderful," she said. "Every shop here is wonderful. I love this place. I just bought Christmas gifts for my kids' teachers."

For Debra Bertucci, shopping is an enjoyable diversion beyond just the cars.

"They park their car, they rev up their engines," she said. "And then you've got the wives that sometimes are not as interested in what their spouse is doing. So we take the streets. The wives go down to the shops."

Added Shey Angelle of Houston: "It's kind of a nice thing that they have kind of shut down so you can walk around, get some food, see the cars and go shopping to support all the local businesses at the same time."

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