Bay St. Louis welcomes cruisers

Bay St. Louis welcomes cruisers

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Old Town Bay St. Louis made for a popular Cruisin' spot on Friday, as hundreds of car lovers filled the downtown streets and watched the ongoing parade of vehicles.

Bright paint jobs sparkled in the late morning sunshine as Terry Poore helped direct traffic.

"Very big. Very popular. It's one of the biggest spots of Cruisin the Coast. We get a lot of compliments here," said Poore.

His car club helps host the event in the Bay. This year it's dedicated to longtime volunteer, Leroy Johns, the so-called "Chicken Man".

"We're missing our friend, Leroy, today. He's not with us. He passed away in June. This was his corner and I'm trying to fill his shoes today," Poore added.

Poore getting some help from Bay-Waveland sixth grader, Anlissa Richardson. The 11 year old wearing a poodle skirt loves classic cars.

"My favorite is a '71 Chevelle," Anlissa said.

If there's a '71 Chevelle to be found, the Bennett brothers from Kentucky will likely spot it. They've got prime seats on a busy corner.

"This is unreal to come down here. If you want to see cars, this is the place to come. They're all different. They're awesome looking.

Shady spots were at a premium, which is why Ben Mullins of Vancleave got there early.

"We come over here every year. And we love to watch the cars come by and everything," Mullins explained. "We love it, we love it. We get here kind of early to get it set up. And then all the people come and join us."

For car lovers, it's the perfect free entertainment — stake out a spot in the Bay, relax and watch the parade.

"It just gets bigger and bigger every year.  So that brings in a lot of money to the coast, see. We like that," said Mullins.

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