Classic car spotlight: Lyndon's Impala

Classic car spotlight: Lyndon's Impala

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - One cruiser is riding in a Chevy Impala, from the first year that model was manufactured.

Lyndon Milek says he always wanted a 1958 Impala.

"My dad had one that I wore out when I was in high school," Milek said. "I came to Mississippi in one, drove down here to school at Delta State. So, I'm a '58 kind of guy."

The hardest part of upkeep on the classic car is making sure it is clean.

"You'll wear out one of these mops in a day's time, trying to to keep this thing clean," said Milek. "There's nothing more pretty than a black car, but they are hard to keep clean."

The vintage vehicle even has a coast connection: Milek traded a car for it in Ocean Springs.

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