Found: Loving Homes For Newborn Puppies

A Biloxi man says life hasn't been the same since suddenly becoming the father of six. Six newborn puppies that is. On Monday Darrin Stock found a box in front of his mother's home. Inside was a litter of one week old labs. Then he tried to find loving homes.

With the little orphans completely dependent on them, Darrin Stock and his girlfriend Brooke Sharrow say they're exhausted after only three days for the puppies.

"It's just like a new born baby," said Stock. "It's every two hours you have to get up and feed them. Around the clock. You have to help them go to the rest room or anything that the mom would do for them. You just have to keep them clean. It's just constant non-stop round the clock care."

Stock says he was told by animal shelter workers the puppies needed too much care to stay there and many friends were reluctant to take on the responsibilities of a one week old puppy. Still some people who peeked in the box couldn't leave empty handed.

Shanna Pegus says her husband and child will enjoy their first family dog. "I'd be a bad person if I left them in the box. They kind of tugged at me."

Meanwhile Regina Fowler is also got an addition to the family. "She'll fit right in with the others. I love animals."

With two down and four to go, Stock was thinking optimistically.

"I'm feeling good," he said. "I think we're finding good homes. I think they're going to take good care of them."

Within minutes a third home puppy had found a new loving home. Stock and his girlfriend say is they spend too much time with the cute little critters they may not have such an easy time giving them away.

"If they're eyes open up on us. We don't know what we would do. Their eyes are still closed and if they're eyes open up in front of us. We'd probably start crying if we had to get rid of them after that."

Note: Within two hours of this story's airing, Stock found loving homes for each of the puppies. Thank you to all of our viewers who called, willing to open their homes to one of these orphaned puppies.