Lower Bay to see safety improvements

Lower Bay to see safety improvements

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A Hancock County woman who wants to see more safety measures on Lower Bay Road is about to get her wish.

Tammy Estrella, a mother in mourning, recently returned to the scene of that tragic accident that claimed the life of her daughter, and her daughter's friend.

On her way to the scene, Estrella was shocked at the number of curves she passed through on Lower Bay Road.

"There were like seven dangerous curves on that road," said Estrella.

Safety improvement projects will soon get underway on seven roadways in Hancock County identified as traffic problem areas with severe curves.

Lower Bay, Fire Tower and Rocky Hill Dedeaux Roads are among those scheduled to see safety upgrades.

"They (Gulf Coast Regional Planning) have actual data from the Federal Highway Administration, and MDOT, on all of our accidents whether they were fatal one vehicles two vehicles and that's the information we use to base our reports on," explained Hancock County Vic Johnson.

Approximately $400,000 in federal funds will resurface some of the streets, replace faded road divider lines with reflective ones, and make road shoulder improvements and bring in more warning signage. On Lower Bay, curve signs will be made more effective.

"But our thinking is they now have a reflector that you can put on that actual sign post of each one of them. They may help to get people's attention in those curves. And also replacing the first sign with one that says dangerous curve," said Johnson.

Estrella believes street lights would help the two lane rural roadways safer. However, streets lights are not within the scope of the project.

"It may not all be done at one time, but at least I know they're taking steps," according to Estrella. Similar safety roadwork will take place in all three coast counties.

Hancock County leaders hope to start their road work before winter.

Road Manager Johnson says he's been working with Gulf Coast Regional Planning on the road improvement projects for the past several months, but the work actually began more than three years ago.

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