Gas Prices May Slow Vacationing

Driving past gas stations these days is getting pretty scary as premium gas prices are shooting through the roof and just in time for travel season. Anita Johnson and her husband are camping on the coast this weekend from Tennessee and on the drive down they noticed the difference at the pump.

Anita Johnson says, "This is probably our only trip for the summer because of the prices going up again."

George Park lives on the coast and says, "I can't even go to my Myrtle Beach trip if it gets up any higher than this and that's my golf tournament."

David Canon lives in Northern Alabama and says, "We travel a lot and of course I know the prices have gone up about 10 cents in the last week or two they're about the same prices here that it is in my hometown."

At Julian Fayard's BP in Ocean Springs the price of fuel is set at about cost, so the rise in prices isn't helping business owners either especially those closest to the interstate that will sell to summer travelers, if they travel.

David Canon says, "I don't want to see them get too much higher; if they get too much higher I'll probably stop traveling a little bit."

Anita Johnson says, We tend not to go as far and we tend to plan further in advance when prices are higher.