Relatives of deadly car crash victim want safer road

Relatives of deadly car crash victim want safer road

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A relative of one of the young women killed in a traffic accident on Lower Bay Road in Hancock County on Sunday night wants to see more safety measures added to the roadway.

Authorities say Lauren Bailey and Aja Crawford became the latest to lose their lives on the road when Bailey somehow lost control of her car on the winding and bending road. Officials say the car crossed over the center line and was hit by an oncoming vehicle.

Tammy Estrella got the call no parent ever wants to receive.

"Two young lives, both 20 years old. Yes, tragedies," said Estrella.

Estrella is Crawford's guardian. She's had custody of her since she was a child. She said the girls were headed to Aja's brother's house on Lower Bay Road when the unthinkable occurred.

"They never made it there," Estrella said.

After getting that call, Estrella said she jumped in her car and headed to the accident scene. That's when she says she learned danger lurks on Lower Bay Road.

"They've got too many curves on it, and you go around one curve and there's another curve. You really don't see it at night time when it's really, really dark. You cannot see on that road. You can't see. I couldn't see," explained Estrella.

Estrella would like to see street lights added to the stretches of Lower Bay Road where sharp curves exist and the most severe curves straightened out in hopes of preventing anyone else from losing a loved one.

"I've driven that road my whole life, I guess you can say off and on my whole life, and speed is what makes that road more dangerous than anything. And now, a day with the added distractions of cell phones, that just leads to making it even more dangerous," said Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam.

Adam made it clear what caused the driver in this wreck to lose control of the car is still under investigation, but attempts have been made to make Lower Bay Road safer for travel.

"That road was straightened out quite a few years ago, too. It was worse than that," said Adam.

He also said street signs were added to the roadway letting drivers know where sharp curves exist. Estrella said even more safety measures are needed there.

"If you are not used to that road, it's hard to drive on," remarked Estrella.

Estrella said she plans to make a formal request of the Hancock County Board of Supervisors to add more street lights to the rural roadway in the coming weeks.

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