Crew on cargo ship docked in Port of Gulfport reacts to missing vessel

Crew on cargo ship docked in Port of Gulfport reacts to missing vessel

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The U.S. Coast Guard confirmed a missing cargo ship sank during Hurricane Joaquin's heavy rain and wind in the Bermuda Triangle. The search continues for all 33 crew members including 28 Americans. It's believed the ship sank last Thursday.

The crew on board a cargo ship docked in the Port of Gulfport spoke with WLOX and gave their reaction on what could have been done to avoid the vessel getting lost.

"The Dole of Honduras" makes weekly trips between Central America and Gulfport. The crew knows all too well how easy it could be to lose the handle of a ship during extremely severe weather.

"In that bad weather it must have been very difficult for them to have solved the problem," said Prasad Chaitanya, cargo ship crew worker. "All of the water splashing over the ship, it becomes very difficult."

Whenever the possibility of extreme weather exists, crew members explained their emergency plan goes into action. The plan includes finding a different course, securing lose cargo and slowing down the ship.

The Coast Guard holds emergency training exercises with workers on this ship twice a year.

"We have to be fully prepared for any kind of emergency and most of the crew on board are prepared for that," said crew worker Berminder Negi.

Even though no survivors have been found, the crew workers docked in Gulfport say survival would be possible. The sunken ship carried two lifeboats and five life rafts.

"They can survive in the life boats and rafts that are there. But with that kind of hurricane and winds in the sea it would be difficult to survive it," said Negi.

It may have been four days since the El Farro went missing, but those on board the Dole of Honduras remain hopeful survivors will be found.

You cannot say that like they are lost," said Negi. "There are chances, even if it is a one percent chance there is still a chance they can be found."

The Coast Guard is no longer looking for the ship in the Atlantic. All efforts are now focused on finding survivors. One body has been found.

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