Hundreds attend Cruisin' parade and concert in Long Beach

Hundreds attend Cruisin' parade and concert in Long Beach

Cruisers made their way to Long Beach Monday for a parade and concert at the harbor. It was like Mardi Gras in October, but instead of floats, classic cars were the main attraction. Six hundred vintage vehicles cruised from Long Beach High School, down Jefferson Davis Avenue, to the Long Beach Harbor, giving parade goers plenty to see and catch.

"I think it's great. Where else in the country can you go and have 20 miles or so of beach front to be able to cruise in your hot rod," asked David Stoufllet of New Orleans.

"The cars. The fun. The music and the people. The energy of South Mississippi," said Kyle Taylor of Gulfport.

As night fell, the parade turned into a concert at the harbor. The Tip Tops returned this year as the featured act, and they put on a real show taking the crowd back in time with their classic tunes.

"It's great man. We come down here every year to see the Tip Tops. We have a great time, and this year I brought Cruisin' Kangy with baby Joey," said Zanne Johnson.

"As far as the sounds, the trumpets, the sax, everything, trombones, these people the Tops, they're great. Since we're from Memphis we know about music," said Mike Wilburn of Memphis.

No matter the age, crowd goers all seem to enjoy the family friendly events Cruisin' the Coast has to offer, along with the camaraderie that naturally comes with it.

"Of course we have great music and we love seeing all the cars every year, and it brings the whole community together and other communities come to Long Beach, and we just all make new friends. It's just a lot of fun every year," said Johnson.

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