Pascagoula helps kick off Cruisin' the Coast with Goula Cruise

Pascagoula helps kick off Cruisin' the Coast with Goula Cruise

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - The action on kickoff day to Cruisin' the Coast wasn't just in Gulfport.

Pascagoula had its own Goula Cruise.

Daniel Wilson was pleasantly surprised at what he found at Beach Park in Pascagoula.

He brought his family from Grand Bay, Alabama to see a few cars. He didn't expect this many.

"It's actually better than I thought it would be out here," he said. "I thought there'd be a lot less cars out here in Pascagoula. I figured all the excitement would be in Biloxi, but it's nice over here. I love it, man. There's a lot of cars. Lots of cars."

Finally tally: 476 registered cruisers. That's more than double the number last year.

Ken Nelson of Pascagoula is one of them, who showed off his pride and joy. It started out as a 1932 Ford. Now?

"It's all scrap parts, I drove it for the first time at a car show," he said. "I had about $550 in the whole car. ... The car runs at 205 miles an hour and I can drive it anywhere. A lot of fun. Ain't pretty, but it's fast."

For him, it's a great venue for many reasons.

"It's such a nice location," he said. "The trees, the ocean. And it's not as crowded as other roads. But it's in your backyard. We live all year long for this weekend."

Gloria Booth of Ocean Springs and her husband made their grand entrance with their 1930 school bus that they picked up on eBay from the Saratoga Automobile Museum in New York.

They've taken their rides through every Cruisin' the Coast.

"We take our grandchildren and maybe a couple of their friends," she said. "Adults are just amazed that there was actually a school bus built like this."

Believe it or not, the cars weren't the only attraction.

Music played throughout the afternoon, including a performance by WLOX's own Karen Abernathy.

There was plenty of food and fun for the kids to hone their mechanical skills.

All the cars and engines have rubbed off on 12 year old Reed Matthews of Pascagoula, and he's an experience mechanic.

The best part about working on cars?

"When it's done, you get to drive it."

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