Chevron to complete Pascagoula refinery recovery on Friday

Chevron to complete Pascagoula refinery recovery on Friday

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - After heavy rains caused the roof on a Chevron storage tank in Pascagoula to fail Sunday night, officials have released a final scheduled update regarding the progress of the remediation.

In a statement sent to WLOX News, Chevron says they are continuing the clean-up of the gasoline blendstock spill, and will complete recovery on Friday.

The organization is reiterating that safety remains a top priority, saying in part, "No one has been injured and there is still no danger to the community. A third party contractor continues to monitor the air in Pascagoula. All readings in the community have been recorded without any findings. The Coast Guard Gulf Strike Team has also conducted additional air monitoring and has independently validated Chevron and the contractor's air monitoring results. That sampling has produced no positive results for harmful chemicals."

Following the recovery of the material on Friday, crews will apply a microbial solution to affected areas to remedy any remaining odor-causing vapors.

Officials say air monitoring in Pascagoula will continue throughout the weekend.

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