Pascagoula businesses to hold special events to welcome Cruisers

Pascagoula businesses to hold special events to welcome Cruisers

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Communities across the coast are preparing for thousands of classic cars to arrive. One of the first pit stops for the 2015 Cruisin' the Coast is Pascagoula on Sunday.

Business owners are preparing to show off their city to visitors in the hopes they'll want to return again.

The owner of Bozo's Seafood Market in Pascagoula says he's seen what huge crowds have meant to businesses in other Coastal cities, and wants that same economic boost.

"It could be great. Wonderful. Because I go to Cruisin' every year and all the businesses over there are just overloaded customers," said Keith Delcambre. "They're so busy they can't hardly do the work."

As Cruisers roll into town, Bozo's will host a big party in the parking lot offering live entertainment and food. Pascagoula officials say several other businesses will also be holding special events for classic car lovers.

"There's 42 states represented for Cruisers and we want them to know that the whole entire Gulf Coast welcomes them during Cruisin," said Lieutenant Doug Adams, one of the organizers for the Pascagoula Cruisin' event. "We want them to come back during other times of the year."

Although the official Cruisin' spot in Pascagoula will be at Beach Park, the city is encouraging visitors to get out and explore. Maps will be available to show visitors how to get around town.

"Economically, it could be awesome for the city and the whole Gulf Coast as a whole," said Adams. "But we're kind of new to Cruisin' over here in Pascagoula, so we look forward to it getting bigger and bigger and open a better relationship with the Cruisers."

Cruisin' The Coast kicks off on Sunday. Remember, send all your Cruisin' photos to

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