Feisty Coast Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday

"I was completely surprised. This was a surprise, I tell you," 100-year-old Marion Hurst said.

Her friends organized the surprise party at the beauty shop she visits every Friday. They warned us Miss Hurst is a real "firecracker."

"Nice thing about being old is that you get by with an awful lot of stuff," she said. "You can do things and say things you couldn't say if you were younger, I've discovered. And I take advantage of it."

She doesn't take life, or herself, too seriously. Her friends know her secret of a long life. It involves a certain cereal.

"My little niece fixed me a bowl of Cheerios one time about 50 years ago. And since then I've eaten a bowl of Cheerios every morning. Don't have to worry about a thing. Just go get a bowl of Cheerios. And that's it. My friends all say, 'oh, she eats Cheerios.'"

Friends like Rochelle Bullock understand the importance of Miss Hurst's quick wit. It's hard to believe she's 100.

"She doesn't look it, and she really doesn't act it. I think that's part of it. She doesn't act it. She's funny! She's funny all the time. All the time. She always has something nice to say about everybody," Bullock said.

"There's a lot of benefits to being old," Bullock told us. "Poor old thing, you know. She doesn't know what she's saying. She does!"

The beauty shop celebration was her third birthday party this week. When we left Miss Hurst, she was looking forward to a special birthday lunch.

"I'm enjoying this hundred years. I hope I enjoy the next hundred as much!"