Drew Brees says he ready to play on Sunday and he's restructured his contract

Drew Brees says he ready to play on Sunday and he's restructured his contract

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WLOX) - Veteran quarterback Drew Brees is ready to get back into the starting lineup and lead the New Orleans Saints on Sunday against the Cowboys.

While Brees is eager to jump back behind center, New Orleans head coach Sean Payton wants to take it day-by-day.

"Well, it's going to be safe to say he's going to throw everyday now, "stated Payton.  "Continue to rehab and strengthen, that area the shoulder and I would say based on the way he's feeling. We haven't practiced yet, but he's done well he's improved the strength. I think all that has been positive and will be able to gage now we when get into a full practice today, tomorrow and Friday and have a better idea to what degree."

After watching the Saints the past three weeks, it's evident the team is in need of receivers and a quality tight end.  Since New Orleans has been dealing with the NFL salary cap, the Saints just didn't have the big bucks to go out and sign top-notch free agents.

In fact, the Saints are dealing with another issue, dead money.  That's paying out contracts that total nearly $31 million to former players, money that counts against the New Orleans salary cap.

ESPN has reported that Brees restructured his contract in an effort to shore up some money to go out and add a player or two.  ESPN says Brees turned $5.2 million of his base salary into a signing bonus that cleared up $2.6 million.

Unfortunately, Brees' salary cap will be $30 million.

At Wednesday's news conference Payton says the Saints are always in the market to improve the roster.

"Yes, I think you're still constantly paying attention to the areas, you know were still short at tight end and that's an area that concerns me, "stated Patyon.  "With regards to typically, we've always had three with one fullback, but there have been weeks where we may dress an extra fullback, but we're right there that's an area we've looked at and will continue to do so, but yeah I think that process doesn't stop."

While Brees may or may not play Sunday, we do know that Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will be sidelined again this weekend.  So what can the Saints expect from Dallas backup quarterback Brandon Weeden?

Payton said, "Number one, I think he is bright. He has a strong arm so he is big. You'll see him step in real early when (Tony) Romo gets hurt in the Eagles game; he gets blitzed and hits a slant for a touchdown. I know he has got a lot of confidence in making all of the throws. You know you are going to see someone that has got real good pocket awareness and arm strength. I also think he is smart. He is someone that will understand their formula and someone that will understand their ability to run the football, and how that is going to set up the play-action or the down-the-field throws. Those are some of the things that I see on tape."

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