Stennis preparing for a trip to Mars

Stennis preparing for a trip to Mars

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Newly released photos show proof of scientists' theory about Mars: It's not the dry, dusty planet we first thought. Water can be found on the red planet.

NASA scientists say the new evidence is the strongest yet that water trickles down certain slopes on Mars. We spent Monday afternoon at Infinity Science Center in Hancock County for reaction to NASA's news.

A life size replica of NASA's land rover Curiosity is an educational tool that attracted the curios at Infinity Science Center as NASA's surprise news spread.

"They found water on Mars," said 8-year-old Jamie McNary, of Louisiana.

Satellite photographs and special camera's aboard Curiosity provided the proof NASA said it needed.

"Scientists announced with a high degree of certainty that we're now sure there is water on mars, and if you look at where humans have gone before on this planet, we've always followed the water. So, this is incredible exciting news there is water available as a resources on planet Mars," said John Wilson, Executive Director of Infinity Science Center.

Wilson said that evidence will help support NASA's mission to plant man's first boosts on the ground there. The water would be needed to get the crew back to earth during its nine month trip home from the 140 million mile journey.

Water could be used for drinking and for creating oxygen and rocket fuel. NASA's goal is to send humans to Mars in the 2030s. Workers at Stennis Space Center will play the role it's played for NASA for the past 50 years.

"We've made some strides in technology development, and so as we make those strides, those engines always have to be tested and tested to their limits, and that's the role of the NASA Stennis Space Center," explained Wilson.

It's exciting news for Jamie. In 15 years, she will be the crew's age.

"It's exciting news, because that means that if someday I grow up to be an astronaut, I could go to Mars, get a cup of water and bring it back," said Jamie.

Many employees at Stennis Space Center have blocked off part of Picayune's theater for a special viewing of the movie "The Martian," which hits the silver screen this weekend.

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