Gas prices continue falling

Gas prices continue falling

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gas prices in some parts of the country are the lowest they've been in 11 years. The average gallon of gas in Mississippi is $1.96, down over a dollar from this time last year.

The Coast is seeing the lowest prices in the state which is good news for Michael Creel, who filled up for just $15 in Gulfport, a big help with his long commute.

"It's 30 miles each way, so that's 60 miles and I was going through a tank of gas every two and a half days," said Creel. "So that was $50 a week just for gas."

"Earl Urfer was traveling from Arkansas and he said the lowest prices he's seen have been in Gulfport, $1.79 at several stations on Highway 49 in Gulfport.

"This is the cheapest I've seen it," said Urfer. "It's been $1.81 and what have you, but this is a good price."

The cheaper prices mean long days for Mississippi Transporters driver Othell Adkins.

"We've been rolling non stop, non stop," said Adkins.

Adkins supplies fuel to Clark's Gas Stations and he's seen his deliveries double recently.

"This store here (Clark's on Hwy. 49 in Gulfport) is one of our hoping stores here and we have to make sure we have a truck come by here everyday," said Adkins.

The drop in prices at the pump comes at a good time for Woody Bailey, director of Cruisin' the Coast.

"Naturally everybody's going to enjoy taking advantage of these prices," said Bailey. "I think it's going to make them feel a lot better about being here. That means there's more money to spend when they're here on the Gulf Coast. The economic impact on the Coast will probably be even more substantial with the gas prices being less."

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