Cruisin' the Coast is on the horizon, but road work continues in East Biloxi

Cruisin' the Coast is on the horizon, but road work continues in East Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - In less than a week, thousands of cruisers will descend on South Mississippi. They will make their way through the streets of coast cities, but there's one area that could be a real problem for the vintage vehicles.

East Biloxi roads have been under construction since early this year, as part of a $355 million infrastructure project. Essentially all of the streets in that area are torn up and while residents are learning to deal with it, it could prove to be a problem for visitors trying to navigate the maze. Bright orange cones, construction crews, and mack trucks have become a common sight for residents in east Biloxi, but that doesn't mean they're getting used to it.

"Terrible, don't look like it's really organized like it should be. It's a deal that they're working on it, then all of a sudden they're pulling off of it and not finishing what they're doing," said A.J. Stanovich, an 86-year-old resident.

Stanovich has lived in east Biloxi all his life and said infrastructure project has been aggravating.

"If they would go ahead and finish one street at a time or a section at a time it would be fine, but this street here and the one behind me was some of the first streets they actually done, and yet they haven't finished nothing," said Stanovich.

Seven C's Marine Company, which is right across the street, said the continuous road work has actually forced them to work harder.

"We're having to wash boats every other day, just to try to keep them clean when people want to look at them. The traffic is getting worse now. They've had the road at the end torn up for a week and a half atleast now," said marine technician Chris Fetters.

Dust and signage take up the roadways in east Biloxi daily, but city leaders are hoping the mess won't keep those in town for Cruisin' the Coast from patronizing east Biloxi businesses.

"I think that the businesses are going to see that the roads are going to be open, they're not going to be perfect. They are going to be accessible to not only the Cruisin' motorists, but to our local traffic," said Vincent Creel with the City of Biloxi.

Creel said the mayor has been working to atleast have Bayview Avenue cleaned up in time for Cruisers to get to the Back Bay casinos like Boomtown and IP, but the deadline to actually have that road paved is December 15.

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