Hope Solo gives memorable gift to young south Mississippi soccer fan

Hope Solo gives memorable gift to young south Mississippi soccer fan
Courtesy: Cindy Wasilenko
Courtesy: Cindy Wasilenko

UNDATED (WLOX) - After witnessing the United States Women's National Team's 8-0 victory over Haiti Sunday, there was something else that 11-year-old goalkeeper Abbie Sawyer wouldn't let out of her sights.

"Right when Hope Solo looked at me, I put my sign up," Sawyer said. "She walked straight towards me and then she gave me her gloves."

This was after Sawyer almost didn't create that poster that displayed "Super Solo," which eventually netted her a world champion's equipment.

Abbie's mother, Cindy Wasilenko, influenced her to go through with the sign. Prior to the game, Solo posted on her official Facebook page, "Bringing extra gloves tomorrow for ?#‎Birmingham? fans with the most creative signs! Be ready!"

"I thought there would be many more signs," Sawyer said. "Mine [had] big bubble letters, so she noticed them."

The moment was captured on camera by Russ Carothers, who is Sawyer's soccer coach for the FC United Quickshots 12U team. Carothers attached a GoPro camera to his head and recorded the moment Solo started walking toward the crowd until she left after giving Sawyer her goalkeeper gloves.

More than 35,000 people were inside Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama that day, but it was Abbie who saved something priceless.

"I tried to get them from Abbie so nobody would snatch them from her but she wasn't having any of that," said Clayton Wasilenko, who is Abbie's stepfather. "She said she had them so we celebrated with my wife and the rest of the families.

"[It was] pure joy. I've never seen her so happy. It was an awesome experience and I'll never forget it."

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