Members prepare for 41st annual Slavic Invitational

Members prepare for 41st annual Slavic Invitational

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Members of the Slavic Benevolent Association in Biloxi are preparing to host their annual golf tournament.

The tournament started out small, but has grown into the largest golf tournament on the coast. More than 1,000 golfers will participate in the upcoming event, and the Slavic association has upgraded to accommodate attendance.

"We had more people wanting to play every year, so we added. We went from one course to two to three to four, now we have five and the championship plays at Fallen Oak on Sunday," said Brian Dunbaz.

Members of the Slavic association spent the day loading trucks with drinks, coolers, tables, and other necessities it takes to run a golf tournament. They say they truly enjoy being a part of the event.

"We all get together and have a lot of fun," said Georgo Trojanivich. "We all know each other, it's a big large membership and we just have a lot of fun."

"We look forward to it and the people that play in it look forward to it," Dunbaz said. "They love the food, they love the golf, they love the courses that we have. It's all good. It's a great tournament."

The golf tournament is a fund raiser for the Slavic lodge. They have used the proceeds to fund more than 200 scholarships over the years.

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