Gulfport officials gives update to Dedeaux Road project

Gulfport officials gives update to Dedeaux Road project

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The city of Gulfport wants to give its residents an update on the Dedeaux Road widening project.

Gulfport's Budget Analyst, Ryan Merrill tells us the project will be highlighted with a five lane road expansion between U.S. 49 and Three Rivers Road, that they've divided into three different phases.

"Phase one has been funded and in the works, as utility crews work to relocate gas, AT&T and Cable One on the stretch between Three Rivers and Dede Drive," Merrill said.

Merrill says the goal is to have all utilities shifted by the end of November.

"We know that this is going to be troublesome driving during construction, but it's worth the wait and the anticipation to get the city moving forward, and to get this roadway to be a better path for everyone to travel," Merrill said.

Though phase one is moving along, the next portion of the project seems to be a blur for the city.

Phase two of the road project is to begin road construction on the east end of Three Rivers Road, from S.R. 605 to Gulfport's Fire Station 10. However, without funding in place, the city will be at a stand still.

The city's Director of Engineering Kris Riemann tells us the city needs to purchase the right of way in that section of road before they can begin phase two of the road project.

"We have the plans, environmental permit, but we don't have the money to purchase the right of way," Riemann said.

Riemann also says the city plans to purchase 32 houses along the stretch of road between the fire station and Dede Road.

"That would be relocation for those families and that mean it would be a high cost of money to make that happen," he said.

Riemann says the project will cost $20 million to complete and right now, the city only has $7 million to go toward the project.

"To date we have about $7 million that's available for the project; $5 million is federal highway money and the other $2 million is city funds," Riemann said.

Merrill says the projected date to start construction is June of 2016 and finish by June or 2017.

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