Snowbirds Flock To Coast Golf Courses

They come to the coast for birdies and blackjack. Hundreds of "snowbirds" have escaped the frozen north, migrating to South Mississippi for golf and gambling.

"We've been coming down here about 32 years I believe," said Mike Miles, from South Bend, Indiana.

Miles and his "Indiana boys" are back in town. There's about 32 snowbirds this time, though that number changes from year to year.

"Depends on who can get away from their wives," joked one of the golfers.

Good golf shots are a bonus for these guys. They're happy just to be playing in the dead of winter.

"Do you see any snow on the ground? There. You answered your own question," Miles explained.

These Hoosiers are from Notre Dame country. South Bend and New Carlisle mostly. South Mississippi sun is just the thing to thaw their winter blues.

Steve Nagy says the weather in Biloxi is just right.

"It's mostly 60s and 70s. Not too hot, not too cold. We run into a little rain. But it's better than six inches of snow back in New Carlisle right now," said Nagy.

Golf and gambling top the activities list for the Indiana visitors. During their week on the coast, they'll visit seven different golf courses and just as many casinos.

"I like seafood. And the camaraderie with these guys. I also like to gamble," said Miles.

A week with the boys, a different golf course each day and casinos at night. It's a slice of snowbird heaven.

"Ain't no pressure here. When you're as good as I am, known as the "eagle man". No pressure," Nagy bragged.

"Eagle man" and his fellow snowbirds migrate here every winter. The golf and gambling getaway is a time honored tradition.