Saints QB Drew Brees suffered a shoulder injury on Sunday and he could miss some games

Saints QB Drew Brees suffered a shoulder injury on Sunday and he could miss some games

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Tampa Bay beat New Orleans 26-19 and the Buccaneers defense beat up on veteran quarterback Drew Brees. He was sacked four times and his body was exposed to numerous solid hits as he tried to deliver the ball to his wide receivers.

In the second quarter, Brees took a hit after getting sacked and when he got up he shook his right arm.  You could tell something wasn't right.

Various NFL reports say...Brees took an MRI on Monday and he did not suffer a serious shoulder injury.  According to the reports...his ability to play depends on his response to treatment. At first the reports said Brees could miss a number of games due to a shoulder bruise.

Monday night on the Coaches Show on WWL-Radio in New Orleans, Payton says the NFL reports were inaccurate.  He said it's not something long term and added that he and the doctors are optimistic.  Payton believes he could make a quick return because Brees is strong.

After Sunday's game Brees...who is normally outspoken... commented about his ability or inability to throw the football.

Brees said,"On a few of the balls down field they didn't come out really well."

There's no question that Brees is a future Hall of Fame quarterback.  After two games this season, he's been unable to display his All-Pro talents, which have diminished for a couple of reasons.

The main one...a lack of consistent pass protection by his offensive line.

If Brees responses to treatment in a positive way, it won't matter, unless the offensive line can regroup and keep Brees off the turf when he drops back to pass the football.

Brees has never missed a football game due to an injury since joining the Saints in 2006.  If he's unable to play on Sunday at Carolina, Luke McCown would get the start.

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