"In God We Trust" Posters Headed To Classrooms

"In God We Trust" posters are literally coming off the presses and will be sent to every public school classroom, cafeteria and auditorium in Mississippi. Capitol City Label in Pearl is printing the posters, free of charge.

"I have three daughters in public schools and feel it will definitely be a positive influence," Capitol City Label owner Ken Briggs said.

Briggs said he didn't even know about the new requirement until he read about it last month in the paper.

"The weird thing about it is I hadn't picked up a paper in such a long time because I stayed so busy, and it's so odd that afternoon that I happened to pick up the paper and saw the article and decided at that point that I needed to do it," he said.

Providing the free posters is a big help for local school districts who would normally have to absorb the costs. Michael Thomas is the Chief Financial Officer for the Jackson Public School District. Thomas conservatively calculated the price at $4 per poster.

"For each one of the classrooms in the district at approximately 2,131 classrooms including cafeterias and auditoriums, it was going to be about $8,500 dollars," Thomas said.

He said paying for the posters wouldn't have been a significant expense, but free is definitely better.

"We're always always looking for assistance from the general public and businesses who are willing to come in and defray costs."

The state's 32,000 classrooms will be furnished with the posters by July 1st. The American Civil Liberties Union has threatened to sue the state over the new posters, claiming the law breaches the separation of church and state.