Biloxi Man Says God Saved His Life

It's a story of both survival and spirituality and for one Biloxi man it's a situation he, sadly, has experienced once before.

25-year-old Chuck Johnson was working as a clerk at the Chevron station at the intersection of Pass Road and Beauvoir in Biloxi.

He was the only person inside the convenience store last Monday when an accused drunk driver crashed his truck through the front of the store.

Johnson says God saved his life.

There are still a few small signs letting you know that something serious happened at this Biloxi gas station, but there's one sign in particular that sticks out.

"When we boarded the store up, our maintenance guy had a can of spray paint and I told him that I had a message to relay to everybody and I wrote 'only God saved me' and it's true. He was definitely looking out for me," said clerk Chuck Johnson.

Johnson was in the store last week when an accused drunk driver collided with a utility pole at the corner of Pass Road and Beauvoir.

The driver lost control of his car, eventually slamming into the convenience store.

"I was just sitting in the chair and doing my paperwork and had my head down and didn't even see the guy coming. And next thing I know he's running through the store. I'm slammed against the cigarette rack over there," said Johnson.

Johnson amazingly only suffered a few bruises and scratches on his back.

However, he says this is not the first time a suspected drunk driver has had an impact on his life.

"My mother was killed by a drunk driver. I escaped it by just a few feet, and here again, you know it's just very ironic that I was almost taken in by a drunk driver, so if you're doing it, don't do it. It's just that simple," said Johnson.

With tire marks still visible inside of the store, and more repairs still needing to be done, Johnson sees his experience as nothing more than a wake up call.

"I've been to church. I believe in God. I really do. But I've been on a backslide for quite a while. And this is definitely a turnaround. It lets you know that you never know when your last minute comes.I'll be sitting in church Sunday. I've already got one picked out and I will be there Sunday," said Johnson.

Biloxi police arrested 72-year-old Newton Tubbs, II, who was driving the truck.

Tubbs was charged with D-U-I.