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Former Jackson County Meth Addict Turns Author

For 20 years, nothing mattered more to Rodney Williams than getting high. Now he says his biggest priority is living for a "higher power".

The 40-year-old Jackson County man wrote a testimonial to his battle with drugs and alcohol in the book "Club Meth To Christ". Williams says in only the first week he has sold more than 500 copies.

The former drug addict says over the years, his drug of choice changed from pain killers to cocaine and finally to Methamphetamine.

"Just a little bit wouldn't do, so I learned how to cook it," said Williams. "The whole group that hangs out that does the Methamphetamine is like an inner circle. And that inner circle was who I call 'Club Meth.'"

In "Club Meth to Christ", Williams describes his 20 year addiction to drugs and alcohol, the hold they had over him and how he sought God when he finally hit rock bottom.

"The final night I got burned up cooking Methamphetamine and was severely burned," he recalled. "That night at the hospital, on the way to the hospital, I said I'd had enough. I called out to the Lord that he could take my eye, my ear, anything I had, but what was left I was going serve him."

After a long painful rehabilitation, Williams turned to his faith and the Home of Grace. Once sober, he felt a calling to help others by writing down his story.

"I barely could pass English in school. I wasn't very good in English, but every day for two and a half years I prayed. I prayed diligently about this book and God just gave me a little bit at a time and it came together."

Williams often visits rehabilitation centers and jails to offer encouragement.

"So many close friends of mine have died along the way and God spared me. And I feel like this is his purpose is for me to go out and tell others about the sickness that affects every family."

Rodney Williams is selling "Club Meth To Christ" for five dollars. One dollar from every copy sold goes to the Home of Grace. To order a copy write to:

Rodney Williams
P.O. Box 365
Escatawpa, MS 39552

by Danielle Thomas

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