CTA Buses Are Now Moving Billboards

Coast Transit Authority buses, are bearing a new look these days.

A new type of advertising has arrived on the Coast called Digital Bus Wraps. The wraps cover every space on the bus to make a big advertising impact.

All of the buses, except the trollies, will have the wraps. Passengers can still see out the windows despite the ads. Mike Jacobs is with the company that creates the signs. He says they're pretty hard to miss.

"It's almost impossible to ignore the advertising, plus it also gives you the photo realistic capabilities on the side of the bus," Jacobs said. "You want to look, you want to see what it is. It's a better advertising for the dollar. You get more eyes with this."

Businesses interested in buying an advertising wrap, can call the Coast Transit office for routes and rates. CTA Director Reid Hopper says the ads will increase the visibility of mass transit on the coast, and they introduce a new venue of mobile advertising.