Biloxi Police Offers Crime Prevention Tips

The murder of 93-year old Iva Jewel Moore continues to leave South Mississippians in shock.

Moore was found dead Wednesday in her home on Debuys Road.

Autopsy results show she suffered a stab wound to the neck.

The next day, police arrested three men in connection with her murder.

Biloxi police officers offer advice to hopefully keep you and your loved ones safe from harm.

Witnesses say the three men arrested in connection with the murder were going door-to-door apparently selling magazine subscriptions.

Biloxi police sergeant Jackie Rhodes says there are rules regarding door-to-door solicitation, and knowing those rules may save your life.

"In the city of Biloxi, anyone can come door to door to sell you something to be delivered at another date, such as magazines or some other piece of equipment or books or something like that and they don't need a permit. If they are going to bring something with them to sell you right then, then in that case they need a permit for that," said Rhodes.

And that all applies before seven p.m. each night.

As for after seven p.m.-

"They are not allowed to come to your door soliciting. The only time they can come is if you have invited them and made an appointment after 7 p.m.," said Rhodes.

Sergeant Rhodes says scenes like this one involving elderly victims are actually pretty rare.

He says elderly people are typically more guarded when it comes to dealing with strangers.

However, if a stranger does come to your door, Rhodes says use your peep hole and check to see if that person is legitimate.

"Ask them to slide their identification under the door. You can do that. If they are a legitimate company, they're on legitimate business, then they are not going mind doing that," said Rhodes.

Rhodes says to call the company on the card, or better yet, call the police to come and they'll check them out for you.

He says that's police is for.

And always remember-

"If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is," said Rhodes.

27-year-old Clyde Gunter is charged with accessory after the fact to capital murder in connection with the death of Iva Jewel Moore.

Two others, 19-year-old Joshua Teague and 19 year old Matthew McKamey, both of Tennessee, are facing capitol murder charges..

As for senior safety, the Biloxi Police Department conducts free briefings on the subject as well as any other safety program you may require

For more information or to make an appointment for officers to come to speak to your group, contact the department at 436-6458.