Gautier Police release 911 call and note from suspect in murder of girlfriend and professor

Gautier Police release 911 call and note from suspect in murder of girlfriend and professor
Amy Prentiss (Photo source: Facebook)
Amy Prentiss (Photo source: Facebook)

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Gautier Police said alleged gunman Shannon Lamb wrote a remorse letter after shooting to death his girlfriend Amy Prentiss. While the motive behind this murder is still a mystery, police said they are determined to find out why Lamb would gun down someone he loved.

"I shot my wife last night," said the alleged killer on a 911 call.

Gautier Police played a chilling confession from accused killer Shannon Lamb at Tuesday's press conference.

They said the longtime educator called their dispatcher Monday after he reportedly murdered Amy Prentiss at their home and then drove to Delta State where he's accused of killing a professor.

Dispatcher: "What is your name?"

Lamb: "Um. That's all I feel like saying right now. Just go and take care of her. You'll find all of her family phone numbers in her phone."

"We don't have any evidence whatsoever that indicates any sort of love triangle between our victim and the victim at Delta State. We don't even have any information that is associated with each other," said Detective Matt Hoggatt.

According to Gautier investigators, their phone records show Lamb was in the northern part of the state near the college when he reached out to the police department.

In the brief call, you can also hear him asking for help for the couple's dog.

Lamb: "There's a dog in the house. He's a sweet dog and he won't bother anybody but I'm sure he's upset."

The alleged gunman never gave a motive over the phone for killing Amy, and from what police know right now there was no history of domestic violence. While searching the home after the murder, Detective Hoggatt said investigators found a one page note near her body on a nightstand.

"It was signed by Shannon Lamb indicating his involvement in her death and his remorse for her actions," said Hoggatt.

The reported letter from Lamb reads, "I am so sorry very sorry, I wish I could take it back. I loved Amy and she is the only person who ever loved me."

"We have to get an answer to what is going on. Just because our suspect is deceased doesn't change the course of our investigation, it changes how we deal with it here, but we want to search for answers, so we can bring closure for the family," said Hoggatt.

Jackson County Deputy Jason Moody said Autopsy results have confirmed that Amy Prentiss was shot in the forehead at close range. Also, the bullet used is similar in comparison to those used to kill Professor Ethan Schmidt, who was shot three times in his office at Delta State University. Police said they are continuing to work with state and federal law enforcement agencies on this case. If you have any information that can help, please call the Gautier Police Department or Crime Stoppers.

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