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Blues enthusiast enjoy 24th Annual Mississippi Gulf Coast Blues and Heritage Festival


When you have the blues, it doesn't necessarily mean you're sad. In fact, it was the opposite in Pascagoula Saturday as dozens crowded to the 24th Annual Mississippi Gulf Coast Blues and Heritage Festival.

Some say it's not just the music but the feeling you get when you hear your favorite old school tunes.

"I think it's the rhythm. It's just touches the body of the soul and brings out the best in people," Selma Moore said. 

Moore has turned her art of designing, into a craft that she brought to the festival to show off. She's from New Orleans and this was her first time grooving on the coast.

"I love it because I'm able to show off what I make, I'm able to talk to people and I'm here to witness how good God has been to me," Moore said as she danced to music.

For others, it's not their first time around at the Jackson County Fairgrounds to bust a move.

"We're old school but we do young things and we still hand dance like we used to when we did when we were teenagers, and we love it!" Michael George said.

The Georges are originally from New Orleans but now live in Mobile. They say they've been to many festivals together but nothing tops this one, which is the why they never miss the chance to show off their moves and enjoy each other.

"Sometimes I have to work, but I'll take a half a day of work to come to this. You get a chance to be with the entertainers up close and front and you have a great time," George said.

"I enjoy everything about it. I'm with my husband, that's the main thing," Dianne George said.

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