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Motel Owners Keep An Eye Out For Meth

When the narcotics task force busted a meth lab in a room at King's Inn last Sunday, the motel owner had to scratch 24 rooms off his vacancy list.

Chandeleur Lodge General Manager Brad Gray doesn't just hope it never happens to him. Gray says he always takes steps to make sure.

"We know who comes and goes and we know who stays here. We keep in contact with the guest," Gray says.

Gray also monitors the phones, checks suspicious numbers, and has a maid check each room daily.

"You've got to have service," Gray says, "You've got to have your garbage taken out, your beds made, new sheets. If they don't want that, then we've got a right to be suspicious."

Gray says these daily checks help curtail illegal activity.

"Something like that is going to take time to set up and get going. You can't do that in one or two days. You cannot."

But Louie Miller from the Narcotics Task Force says meth makers are quicker than you think.

"Within six or eight hours, they've got a cook made already. They've got a finished product that's ready for the street," Miller says.

That's why Miller says it's important for hotel and motel owners to ask questions and check ids to further protect themselves.

"They've kind of got to be inquisitive about it. The clerks do. They need to ask questions. How many people's going to be in the room? Then they see people coming back and forth in a room, toting more than just luggage. That should set off some bells and whistles," Miller adds.

Doing these things, Miller says, could save the hotel and motel owners lots of money.

By Jaimee Goad

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