Moss Point shooting victim speaks out about violent brawl at car wash

Moss Point shooting victim speaks out about violent brawl at car wash
Roderick Murray (Photo source: Moss Point Police Department)
Roderick Murray (Photo source: Moss Point Police Department)

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - One of the men wanted for questioning in Sunday night's triple shooting has turned himself in, but police are still looking for Roderick Murray. They're not calling him a suspect at this time but they would like to talk to him.

That shooting took the life of an Army soldier and father, and now his friend who suffered gunshot wounds in the violent brawl is speaking out.

"Actually I am in pain from being shot, but I am heartbroken really."

Shooting victim Craig Brown has to depend on crutches to walk after being shot in the leg at the Fusion H20 Car wash Labor Day weekend. A time Brown said brings back terrible memories because his best friend, 24-year-old Darnell Bolton, was also gunned down.

"I am glad to be alive, but I am not happy to say that because of what happen to my brother. I wish he was alive too. Nobody will ever be able to feel this feeling that I have of what I have to live with and deal with for the rest of my life," said Brown.

Brown and his friend Bolton, who was in town for the funeral of his classmate's mother, were hanging out Sunday when they stopped at the car wash to see a friend. That's when a group of guys showed up a few minutes later, they reportedly began arguing over a female and that dispute led to gunfire.

"First it started off as tussling and fighting and escalated from there. I got shot real fast, so there was not too much I was thinking," said Brown. "I really don't remember and I try not to think about it. It was crazy. I wish I could go back and it never happened."

Brown said what's also upsetting is Bolton was not the one causing trouble that evening. He believes it's a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"My brother was a real standup guy; he is in church everyone Sunday. I didn't deserve to get shot, but he definitely didn't deserve what happen to him at all, at all," said Brown.

This shooting victim has been very cooperative with police because Brown wants the guys who killed his friend off the streets before anyone else gets hurt.

"I want the police to arrest them. I know a lot of people are mad and I don't want any retaliation behind this. I don't want anything to happen after that. There are a lot of hearts broken behind this."

Moss Point Police said the other shooting victim, Desmond Thompson, is in critical condition and has been relocated to a hospital in Jackson.

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