Rally on childbirth held in Gulfport

Rally on childbirth held in Gulfport

GULFPORT - Local women and families gathered in Gulfport on Monday to rally against disrespect and abuse in childbirth. Women and supporters of Improving Birth met up at Jones Park to raise awareness to women on the Gulf Coast about their options when it comes to delivering their baby.

Ralliers said just like we research our weddings and cars women should give as much thought to when it comes to the way they give birth.
And they said the more you know, the better off you are to having a successful delivery.

"Nine out of ten women are receiving care that increases rather than decreases harm to them when they're in labor. So if they know their options and they can make an informed decision on everything that happens to them that's what we want. This is a milestone in their life. It's a big day. If you ask any woman about the day they gave birth they remember it vividly. So we want that experience to be a satisfying one," said Improving Birth Rally Coordinator Lindsay Seals

Gulfport was just one of 85 locations around the country to call for respectful treatment of women during childbirth.

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