Girl Scout's passion for saving sea turtles is honored in Biloxi

Girl Scout's passion for saving sea turtles is honored in Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Saturday was a big day for 18-year-old animal enthusiast Asher Day from Ocean Springs Girl Scout Troop 6217.

Since 2013, she has been working hard with the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies on a sea turtle awareness project in hopes of getting her Gold Award. 

"I held three workshops and three presentations for the community educating them about the dangers five species face," said Day. 

With a large crowd watching at the beach in Biloxi, officials from the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies honored her hard work by allowing Asher to carry several sea turtles to the water and free them.

"The turtles that we released today were all Kemp's Ridley sea turtles, they were all juveniles. Some of them were caught incidentally at local fishing piers and some were actually strandings," IMMS' Dennis McGrury said.

After the big release Asher was all smiles, but the teen's awesome day was not over just yet. A few feet away, Asher proudly unveiled one of two new sea turtle informational signs she created with her dad that will adorn the beach.

"My signs are about the three species (Green, Loggerhead, Kemp's Ridley) and they tell you about the Kemps manly because they are the most endangered and they also tell you what you can do to help," said Day.

Just seeing her passion for the environment is impressive to many.

"It is a really great thing to see someone like that and the scale of things that she has done. The signs alone will impact visitors to the coast for years to come," said McGrury.

Asher's other sign now sits in Gulfport on the beach. She hopes that by the end of September, she'll learn if she earned her Gold Award

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