Beauvoir official says coast tourism is growing

Beauvoir official says coast tourism is growing
Sevens says numbers were up the 2016 summer season. (Photo source: WLOX)
Sevens says numbers were up the 2016 summer season. (Photo source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Labor Day Weekend is not only a time to honor those in the workforce, but for some, it is the unofficial end of summer.

School is back in session and many visitors to the coast have returned home. According to the directors at Beauvoir, the 2015 summer season did not disappoint.

Tours, programs, and events coordinator Kitsaa Stevens says she noticed a big pattern.

"There are definite seasons. During the summer we're quite busy, we have a lot of people come from out of town," said Stevens.

According to Stevens, numbers were up the 2016 summer season. Now, business is winding down as expected and the coast's environment for tourism is very healthy.

"We all have the same goal. Bring tourism back to the coast," added Stevens.

That kind of togetherness is what Stevens claims has helped bring the industry back as quick as it has since 2005. It's no doubt that the different tourist draws along our coast do have an effect on each other. Most of the museums coast wide even have a package deal that allows a visitor to get more affordable admission to all of the museums.

Charles Golden and his wife come from Florida to meet their friends here multiple times every year. Their initial draw is for gaming. Then, they enjoy the rest of their stay exploring.

"For us, getting down here is just like a vacation. And if you're going to have it, why not have it on the water?" said Golden.

Many others have the same idea, but some say they wish the coast was advertised better.

"We actually didn't know about it. We visited Destin, Florida a lot," said Jim Guterba.

Jim and his wife, Linda, are from Ohio and say they're pleased with what they've seen so far. But back home, it's another state that gets the ads and exposure.

"Alabama, Alabama, but you never hear anything about coming to Mississippi," said Linda.

Linda says she's certain that if more people knew about the coast, the tourism industry would be booming.

"It's just a phenomenal place. You're right on the water. What more could you ask for?" she said.

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