Mississippi court warns residents about email scam

Mississippi court warns residents about email scam

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Mississippi residents receiving an email summons to court, beware — officials say it's likely a scam.

According to the Mississippi Courts Public Information Officer Beverly Craft, scammers email users a fictitious court summons titled, "Notice to appear in court".

The email then attempts to persuade recipients to open an attachment or link that causes the user's computer to become infected with a virus, and possibly allow the spammer to access sensitive information.

A example of the false summons may read as follows:

Notice to Appear,

This is to inform you to appear in the Court on the September 12 for your case hearing.
You are kindly asked to prepare and bring the documents relating to the case to Court on the specified date.
Note: If you do not come, the case will be heard in your absence.
You can review complete details of the Court Notice in the attachment.

Officials are reminding residents that 'persons who are not involved in litigation would not receive such e-mail from the Mississippi courts.'

Emails are sent from accounts that mimic official email accounts, but are not sent by any entity associated with the Mississippi Judiciary. If residents doubt the authenticity of any email correspondence claiming to be from the court, they are asked to independently verify the telephone number, and call the court named in the e-mail.

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