Job Corps Learns While Helping Out

The young men are from all over Mississippi and they've come to Gulfport to participate in the Job Corps program. Their travels have led them to an interesting project, one that will teach them certain skills and provide a house full of adopted children with more room.

Ricky Poupart is one of the instructors with the Job Corps and says, "When I get to bring them out here this is the real thing, they don't have to go back and do this over also it gives them the since of what a real job is like."

Chris Guy is from Forest, Mississippi and sees this as a great chance to learn. "It's a lot of hands on training being able to come out and work on an actual job site gives us a little bit more forward looking at what we're going to be expected."

As they work on this project they'll get the skills that will make them more marketable. Poupart says, "They'll be working with the electrical, the plumbing, the air-conditioning, the sheet rock finishing and I train them for all that in my shop."

Jamall Hollis is using this chance to get the skills to earn money and help others build as well as build on his own house. "A career that's why I am taking this skill here this is helping me more with the outside, hands on with the outside stuff, I used to look at it all the time, now I am really doing it."

The best part of it all is that when the project is finished they'll know their hard work was to help the McDowell family and the 31 adopted kids still living at home. Caroy Blackman is from Centerville and says, "I never had this kind of experience, and I feel like a pro because I'm helping the kids out. There's thirty-one of them so it should give them some kind of help and the Lord is going to bless me in some kind of way."

Jamall Hollis says, "Just help them little kids so they can have a place to stay I ain't really looking for anything out of it."

Chris Guy says, It's real inspiring and it makes me feel proud of myself knowing that I am helping somebody out."

If you would like to help the Homebuilders Association provide a new home for the McDowell family please call 896-7646. They still need plenty of materials, labor and even cash donations.