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Bay Towers Residents Seek Solution

In Pascagoula, the families of 24 elderly residents at Bay Towers could be forced to find new homes for their loved ones.

Earlier this month, the owner of Bay Towers decided to convert the personal care center to a residential apartment complex. Rising costs and fewer personal care clients prompted the change. Now, the search is on for a solution.

Mary Bennett visits her mother Aniss several times a week. Bennett's 93-year-old mother is one of the residents at Bay Towers who may have to find a new place to live.

"Made me sick to my stomach," says Bennett. "This is a community she can get involved in. The friends she's grown up with and known all her life is here and that upset me."

Bennett was even more upset when she learned there was nowhere else to take her mother.

"This is it. Everybody else is full," says Bennett. "I can bring mother home with me with no problems but I don't like for her to be home by herself all day long."

Bennett's mother says she wants to stay at Bay Towers so she can see her friends and stay where she's comfortable.

"It's a nice place to be," Aniss Pinola. "I've enjoyed being here. In fact, I meet someone I know every day being a native of Pascagoula."

"In this community she can come to her apartment when she's tired and when she wants to go downstairs and visit she can. But at home, it's just her during the day by herself," says Bennett.

As it turns out, Bay Towers residents may not have to go anywhere after all. Bennett and the relatives of about a dozen tenants are working on a deal with a local personal care service that would operate in Bay Towers after it becomes an apartment complex. That would allow people like Bennett's mom to stay and still receive the care they need.

"If that works out and everybody agrees to it that'll be a wonderful thing and I'll be happy," says Bennett.

Most importantly her mother will be happy too.

"I hope it works out that we can stay here."

by Josh Ridgdell

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