Chemours donates additional land to Wolf River preserve

Chemours donates additional land to Wolf River preserve

The Wolf River coastal preserve is 72 acres larger, thanks to a land donation from a major industry.

Chemours and its predecessor DuPont Delisle have donated nearly 700 acres to the state in recent years; valuable marshland located near the plant and the area where the Wolf River joins the bay.

"Today, we're pleased to announce that they are adding to that gift another 70 acres, 72 acres here. It will be part now, in perpetuity of the State of Mississippi's coastal preserve system," said Secretary of State, Delbert Hosemann.

The state currently owns and manages 30,000 acres as part of the coastal preserve. The executive director of the Department of Marine Resources says this latest addition is a critical piece of that preserve.

"This entrance into the bay, which is very important to our oyster industry and other resources...there's not many spots that are this good and this strategic for us to have in our coastal preserves. To truly own it and be able to manage it," said DMR Director, Jamie Miller.

The manager of the Chemours plant, Mark Smith, says the marshland donation is on behalf of the nearly one thousand employees at the DeLisle operation.

"It's also great for the schools nearby, a great educational opportunity for them to be able to learn about the ecosystems and how we can preserve them," said Smith.

The Wolf River coastal preserve covers nearly 2,500 acres. It is a part of the 30,000 acres of coastal wetlands, owned and managed by the state.

"This is not only a purifier of the water, but it is habitat of the water. And it's an integral part of the gulf coast culture. And so to let this thing go and not be protected, would be a horrible thing to leave your grandchildren," said Secretary Hosemann.

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