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Sources: Auditor's report shows BSL finances 'pretty ugly'


Tonight, Bay St. Louis finances are under the microscope. WLOX News has confirmed that both the Department of Justice and the State Auditor’s office have sent investigators to Hancock County. And according to multiple city council sources, what they’re finding "is pretty ugly." 
The council members we talked with today say investigators are asking a lot of questions about how money has been spent by Bay St. Louis leaders. Those sources tell us some of the financial issues focus on a police forfeiture fund, and as much as $315,000 in unaccounted money.  

A recently completed audit of Bay St. Louis’ finances is now being reviewed by the mayor and the city council. We’re told that audit will be discussed at a public meeting next Wednesday. City leaders won’t talk about the contents of the audit, because they’re forbidden to do so until next week’s meeting.  However, one of the councilmen we heard from today said the draft shows numerous state rules violated by Bay St. Louis, specifically in regard to city finances. Another said, “We’ve got a lot of money handling problems. It’s time to fess up and see where we’re at.” 
Wednesday, Bay St. Louis Mayor Les Fillingame talked in general terms about the draft audit now under review. He told WLOX News, "I think most of what we're going to come out of the audit this year is we continue to struggle with low balances in our operating accounts. The good thing about that, and the flip side of that, is the city has been able to put $957,000 in reserves this year. So while you're still operating on a very close cash budget, we've been able to really start building some reserves for the future."
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