Phone scam targeting people in Jackson Co.

Phone scam targeting people in Jackson Co.

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Another telephone scam is targeting people in Jackson County, and Sheriff Mike Ezell wants you to be on the lookout.

According to Ezell, scammers claiming to be government employees have been calling Jackson County residents over the past couple of weeks. The scammers use several techniques to fool potential victims.

Ezell said some of the callers claim to be with the IRS attempting to settle outstanding tax debts. Others tell victims they are calling to award them with $5,000 for being a good citizen.

In both cases, the scammers tell victims to buy a pre-paid "Green Dot" card and load it with a specific amount of money. Once the card is purchased, the victims are instructed to give the scammer the card information. The scammer then deposits the money into an untraceable bank account.

If you believe you have been targeted by these scammers, please call the Jackson County Sheriff's Department at 228-769-3063.

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