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Tail-Gators - Highway 63, Moss Point

When Steve Adbo realized there was something missing from the restaurant business in Jackson County, he decided to do something about it. He opened Tail-Gators, a Family Sports Grill in Moss Point. Abdo is a contractor by trade, turned restauranteur.

Abdo says, "There's no sports entertainment in East Jackson County. We offer 50 satellite, color TVs. We carry all the sports from around the country and even some international."

You can peruse the sports memorabilia set into the authentic Tiki Bar.

"We went out and actually stalked our own bamboo. We designed and cut it down and created a Tiki Bar....it's probably the largest Tiki Bar on the Gulf Coast," Abdo says.

But, don't think Tail-Gators revolves around the bar. There's an arcade for the younger kids...that even the bigger kids enjoy.

"We have a theme that's kind of an Australian Outback design. We have all the bamboo and thatching on a lot of our canopies. We have themes of little golf courses. And we have a pool room for people who like to play pool," Abdo says.

Tail-Gators is not only a place for kids to come and have fun. It's also a great place for family fun and great food.

Abdo says, "The food, the quality is excellent. the portions are more than enough. I would say the 90 percent of the people that come here can't finish their meal or have a to-go box."

From huge hamburgers, fried catfish and seafood to salads, wood fired pizzas and appetizers, the portions are rather large.

"It's family oriented, and I will assure you that any family that brings their children here will not be offended by the environment. And especially with the way the decor is, it's very comfortable, and it's very fun environment,"Abdo says.

Tail-Gators is located on Highway 63, just South of I-10 in Moss Point. They are open 7 days a week.

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