Tax Time Is Coming

The tax man is coming. Taxes are due one day later this year, April 16th. That's because the 15th falls on a Sunday. Of course, as is always the case, some folks will wait until the last minute. James Carpenter of Saucier and his family spent their afternoon with the tax man, it was not where they wanted to be. His wife Stephanie told us, "He is in the middle of his work day, so had to leave to come over, and then will go back to work.'' To make matters worse, James had a toothache, but, it gets even worse. James also found out he had to pay the IRS. In fact, it is twice as much as last year, it's understandable why James would want until the last minute. He is not alone.

Brenda William's manages a tax office in Gulfport. She says a lot of people file late. "Can't seem to get things done ahead of time, and some people do have paperwork that does not come in until the last minute." Plus, dealing with taxes can be intimidating. The Gulfport IRS office is a busy place this time of year, but remember, despite its public image, the IRS wants to help. IRS agent Dee Franklin told us, ''That goes for anything to a question, to filling out the simple form, or giving or how to explain something someone does not understand."

Of course, some brave souls choose to do their own taxes, there is some tax preparation software on the market right now. But remember, Whether you go it alone, or get some help, midnight Monday is the filing deadline. Brenda Williams says, she can hardly wait. ''Yes I will be relieved Tuesday, I guess I will be relaxed Tuesday, '' she said with a chuckle.

By Jeff Lawson