Jackson County man rescued after boat spins out of control

Jackson County man rescued after boat spins out of control
(Photo source: WLOX)
(Photo source: WLOX)

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A Jackson County boater is lucky to be alive after losing control of his vessel while fishing. The boating mishap happened early Wednesday morning off Wade-Vancleave Road near the Roy Cumbest Boat Launch.

Sheriff Mike Ezell said 66-year-old Randy Emmons is now in stable condition at Mobile Hospital.

"No, I don't feel like a hero, it is part of our everyday life," said Deputy Director of Jackson County Emergency Management Agency Terry Jackson.

These emergency responders said saving lives is part of their job. That's just what they did when a 66-year-old man found himself on the Pascagoula River in a dangerous situation.

"Basically, we got a call from a guy fishing off the river from the Wade-Vancleave River Bridge and he had hit a log in the water," said Jackson.

Rescuers Terry Jackson and Frank Duke said things start spiraling out of control for the boater.

"His boat was doing some uncontrolled circles, and he had some injuries that were not allowing him to control the boat. He did some circles until it finally came to rest against the side of the bank," said Acadian Ambulance's Frank Duke.

Not knowing what they were facing, emergency teams rushed to the area, put their boats in the water and sprung into action to help.

"When we did arrive to the patient's side, he did have some injuries to his head and face that didn't warn an immediate life threat, but we did do everything to control the bleeding and safely move him by protecting his neck and spine," said Duke.

The injured boater was then carried to a helicopter that flew in to take him to USA Medical Center in Mobile. The emergency responders said it was teamwork and lots of training that made this rescue a success.

"Every second does count when you are dealing with life safety. At this point, we were very successful, and the guy appears to be okay and everything went well. We couldn't have done it without everybody," said Jackson.

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