New Facilities At Stennis To Provide Working Quarters For Navy Personnel

The Navy's Special Operations Compound is nearly halfway complete. The group is responsible for transporting the elite Navy Seals to and from combat missions.

The headquarters building is just one of four under construction for the special boat unit. A warehouse and a maintenance facility are also going up for special forces troops.

"It gets us all in one area," U.S. Navy Cmdr. Benny Green said. "Stennis is a large complex, and we're just kind of spread out all over."

The 170 Naval personnel who will work at Stennis will also get a nine-lane 73 foot wide training tank. The Navy's Small Craft Technical Training School will have a location where foreign allied military personnel will be taught to repair combat boats. The training center includes dormitories and dinning facilities for instructors and students.

"Once we move to the new facility, it will do away with significant manpower time and money that we spend today traveling back and forth to Gulfport," Cmdr. Clay Armstrong said. "We actually have to bring the students from Gulfport to here back and forth. The new facility behind me will eliminate that."