Gulfport's Cedric Scott Awaits The NFL Draft

Cedric Scott has all the tools necessary to excel in the NFL . He stands 6 feet 5 inches and weighs a powerful 278 pounds built on a frame that's capable of adding more bulk for the pro game. The Gulfport native proved his prowess on the football field at Southern Miss piling up 195 career tackles.

4.75 speed is one of Cedric's pluses, a strong pass rusher leading to 26 career sacks. However, there's room for improvement. Cedric said, "I tend to play a little high by being tall and I've got to make a conscious effort to stay low to stay on blocks longer."

NFL draft analyst Al Dupuy said,"I think his mental his excellent. He's got good speed and quickness. He's agile, just a good strong football player."

Cedric Scott is devoted to his family and teammates a good young man, who won't become a different person once he signs on the dotted line, becoming a millionaire. Scott said, "I'm trying to remain humble and not worry about stuff like that. I just go out and do my job and try to work on the little things I have problems with to keep getting better everyday."

Al Dupuy has Cedric rated as the fourth best defensive end in the NFL draft, a cinch to crack the final roster, and a good shot at starting in his first pro season.