Couple credits Hurricane Katrina for their wedding anniversary

Couple credits Hurricane Katrina for their wedding anniversary

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Looking back at one of the greatest tragedies to hit the Gulf Coast, it's hard for some to find a silver lining in the storm clouds of Katrina. However, the Carter's do it every day.

"If it wasn't for Katrina we never would have gotten to know each other," Terri Carter said.

You might say Terri and Scott Carter Jr. were forced together. Their mothers were college friends and when Scott's family lost their home in Bay St. Louis during the storm, Terri's family opened their doors.

At the time Terri was only 14 and Scott Jr. was 17. The two teens were just friends at first, but after spending nights talking and getting to know each other, a romance quickly blossomed.

"Our first actual date was his senior prom, which was the following April after Katrina," Terri said.

Not long after prom, Scott followed up on that promise to marry Terri and popped the question. Twice.

The first time, Terri remembers being in his truck in the pouring rain.

"He had the little $12 ring in his hand and he looked at me and said 'Terri, you are the most beautiful, selfless, kind person I've ever met. I have loved you from the beginning. Would you do me the greatest honor of being my wife,'" said Terri.

Though Terri said yes to the first proposal, the couple was more prepared the second time around. Scott found a beautiful vintage ring — worth more than $12 — and asked for Terri's hand once again.

According to the couple, when it came time to set the date, there was no question.

"We always said if we got married that we would do it on August 29," said Scott Jr.

But getting to the altar wasn't all that easy. At the time Terri was 19 and in Mississippi, it is illegal to get married without parental consent before the age of 21. Terri's parents were initially apprehensive, but finally, two weeks before the wedding, they signed the forms.

Five years after the storm that brought them together, Terri & Scott said I do at the Lutheran Church in the Hills in Bay St. Louis.

"Obviously a lot of bad came from Katrina, but it's important to remember the good that came from it," said Terri.

As for the couple's five year anniversary plans, they are going with the flow.

"We're one of those couples that takes life one step at a time. You just got to have faith, that god knows what he's doing and you just have to look at the bright side," said the bride. 

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