Alleged Shooter Denied Bond

The man accused of shooting two of his Northrop Grumman co-workers Monday morning made his first appearance in court Wednesday morning. Alexander Lett, 41, was denied bond until it's determined whether both men he's accused of shooting will fully recover from their injuries.

Ben Gaffney, 53, is in fair condition and was moved to a private room this afternoon. Don Eddins, 53, is being kept in ICU and is in critical condition.

Before they entered the court, the family and friends of Alexander Lett said a prayer for him, the two men he's accused of shooting and their families.

"I don't know all what went on, but basically what I can say is we're praying for the families and Lett. He's a good man."

Some 70 friends and family members, who share that opinion of Lett, stood in line to slowly file into the courtroom. Except for his wife and a brother, no one has seen Lett since he went to work Monday.

News cameras weren't allowed in court, but reporters were allowed to sit in on the hearing.

Alexander Lett never spoke out loud. He sat solemnly as a dozen of his friends and relatives testified about his reputation as a loving family man with many friends. After Judge Mike Fondren denied bond, Lett's brother and sister shared more about their brother.

"My brother would give you the shirt off his back," said Karen Lett of her brother. "He's not the type person everybody thinks he is."

"He's a family type person," says Robert Lett. "He believes in family cookouts and things like that. And if anybody needed any help, whether you broke down at night or anything like that, he's willing to help you. He never drank, never smoked. He's not a club person that goes to bars. He's a homebound family person."

Robert and Karen Lett say knowing the good life their brother has led, makes all this nearly impossible to believe.

"It's very uncharacteristic cause he's not a violent person," says Robert Lett.

"I don't have no idea what went through his head," said Karen Lett. "I still don't understand. The question is why?"

Robert Lett says when he saw his younger brother in jail Tuesday, he had just one question.

"He said, 'Big brother, how is they doing?' I told him the last report I got one was stable and one was critical condition. He said, 'Tell them my prayers go out to them and their family.'"

The Lett family says they'll all continue to pray for those families and their own to come through this tragedy.