Women say Faith got them through Katrina

Women say Faith got them through Katrina
Wilson says this is the Bible volunteers found in the ruble. (Image Source: WLOX News)
Wilson says this is the Bible volunteers found in the ruble. (Image Source: WLOX News)

After having your life turned upside down by a traumatic event like Hurricane Katrina, many would wonder how people ever recover emotionally. A decade after Katrina, Holly Wilson and Rhonda Villers can reminisce on the storm without feeling hopeless, even though Wilson lost everything.

"It seemed like there was no way it could get right again, that there was no way to navigate the mess that was left behind," said Wilson.

Wilson and Villers are both women of Faith, and it's that very thing that kept them going during some of the darkest days of their lives.

"It was God, it was being connected to a church, you know being with a body of believers that you know prayed us through and know that we weren't the only people, there were a lot of individuals that were way worse off than we were," said Villers.

Wilson says she and her family evacuated to Florida, leaving behind their newly built home with their 9 month old son. They returned, only to find everything in ruins.

"The Lord reminded me that wasn't my home, and that wasn't my life. My home and my life is in him and my hope is in him," said Wilson.
While everything was a total loss for Wilson. Volunteers did find one very valuable memento.

"They uncovered one of our family Bibles, and we have it to this day. It's in the condition is was found in, turned to the page it was found open to after the storm," said Wilson.

Both women leaned not on their own understanding but on the words in that book, to get them through not only that storm, but the everyday storms of life.

"We have rebuilt that house, we sold it, built somewhere else. We're not shaken by Katrina, and we're just thankful, and I think that's just having Faith in the Lord to know that no matter he's got us.

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