Website aims to move waterfront property

Website aims to move waterfront property

Beachfront for sale signs have been a staple along the coast waterfront since Katrina hit.

The market has ebbed and flowed like the surf — but property costs, rebuilding costs and insurance have posed challenges for those looking to sell land along the beach. One entrepreneur hopes the power of the internet will help change that.

"We're 70 percent water so in terms of the attraction, there is a natural attraction," said Pass Christian businessman Bob Davidge.

Davidge says South Mississippi's waterfront gems have languished in the ten years since Hurricane Katrina, and it's one of the reasons he launched Waterfront Liquidators. Davidge estimates there are still as many as 176 beachfront properties in Mississippi for sale, many at reduced prices. Beachfront properties both in and outside of South Mississippi have been slow to move in recent years.

"There are hundreds of waterfront properties available for sale. It is virtually impossible for people to dig through the number of properties for sale to find the true bargains. That's why I started Waterfront Liquidators to help break through the clutter," explained Davidge.

Anyone can list on the site; private property owners, leasing agents or realtors.

Realtor Amy Wood, who sold a property in two months from the original posting date, has already experienced success with the website.

"One of the first listings I first placed on Waterfront Liquidators already has a contract and will be closing shortly," said Wood.

Davidge, hopes it becomes the website the world turns to, to buy and sale property on the water.

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